A friendly town beside the Spokane River

Spokane River High Water in Post Falls, March 2017

Spokane River High Water in Post Falls, March 2017

There was high water in the Spokane River, flowing through Post Falls, but no flood locally.

After a exceedingly snowy winter, the Spokane River was full of melted snow during March 2017. Many people posted photographs on Facebook. I went to Falls Park to get a few photographs and videos too.

A closer look at that pit full of water churning with energy – on its way to Spokane, which was experiencing some flooding.

Water rushes through the hydroelectric dam at a great rate of speed. There’s no stopping it. These portals are often quite dry, but not with tons of snow-melt inundating our river.

A look behind the scenes at the river before water enters our hydroelectric dam. It seems tame, but really is extremely high.

Our beautiful Spokane River, looking across at Q’emiln Park and Blossom Mountain.

Take a walk west, then down to the river’s edge. The scene will look different once the water is back to normal levels.

Water thunders through the dam, sending up clouds of mist before continuing down the river to Spokane.

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Compare photos above to the water level of 2013:

I was at Falls Park in 2013 and got this photograph – showing a much more subdued water flow. After this month’s water event, I wonder if there will be any erosion changes to the rocks that were submerged to endure a steady pounding. It will be worth watching, as the water recedes during coming weeks.

Post Falls Idaho - Falls Park - High Water, March 2017

Falls Park is a beautiful place for a walk, for a short hike, and for history appreciation. There are interpretive signs showing the place the sawmill was built, and if you take the hike west – it isn’t far – you can sit on a bench and look at the head gate of Corbin Ditch – an old irrigation canal that flowed between Post Falls and Spokane.

Children have an extra treat – a nice playground in a beautiful place. Dogs are welcome on leashes.