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Post Falls Bigfoot Sighting Report

Post Falls Bigfoot Sighting Report

Post Falls Bigfoot Sighting, 1988

Did you know there’s a Post Falls Bigfoot sighting report?

The incident took place in 1988 just west of our town, Post Falls, Idaho. A truck driver said he saw a Bigfoot while taking a brief rest from driving.

Here’s what the truck driver reported to BFRO, the Bigfoot Research Organization: “My wife and myself were trucking in 1988. We stopped on I-90 just west of Post Falls, Idaho. . . . I got a feeling and looked to my left. I saw it face to face. He was no more than 10 feet from me. I cannot tell you how I felt. He was a giant. My wife and I could have both died if he would have been angry. I think he was there to see us. I went back slowly into my truck and left. Before I left we heard him run back into the forest. He broke limbs like they were nothing.” (From the BFRO website, report 10012.)

This seems unlikely as there are few trees in West Post Falls these days, however with forest-covered hills to the south and north of town, this might have been possible back in 1988.

If a Bigfoot was here – I think he’s been chased out by now. Perhaps they’re living in the forests south of the Spokane River.

Bigfoot Seen East of Coeur d’Alene

There are other sighting reports in this area. One man reported seeing a Bigfoot just after midnight at Fernan Saddle – a cleared spot in the forest east of Coeur d’Alene, used for dirt bikes and ATV riding. (From the BFRO website, report 7180.)

My grandpa was up in the mountains…

Here’s a report a Post Falls resident wrote about a grandfather’s Kootenai County Bigfoot sighting east of Coeur d’Alene:

“He had gotten out to look around and stretch. He was looking at the embankment on the side of the road and turned around to look down the road and saw a bigfoot walking towards him. He got a little frightened . . . . He swears to this day that it was a bigfoot and has told us that story for as long as I can remember.” (Found here: Bigfoot Encounters.)

More About Idaho Bigfoot Sightings

For more information: Idaho Bigfoot Sightings

I’m interested in learning about any more Post Falls Bigfoot sighting reports – or reports from the surrounding areas. Please leave a comment below if you have any information about Bigfoot sightings in this area.

Happy Camp, CA Bigfoot Statue, posted on Post Falls Bigfoot
This Bigfoot statue is in Happy Camp, California, about fifty miles from the site of the 1967 Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film.
Created by artists Cheryl Wainwright of Happy Camp, CA, and Ralph Staritt of Yreka, CA.